How to charge the Nikon camera without a battery charger? 8 unique ways

On a shoot far from home, the very next thing that comes to mind is how to charge the Nikon camera without a battery charger once the battery gets empty. This is one of the main concerns for a content creator to keep the camera battery charged or recharge the camera battery.

Sometimes, when it is not possible for you to charge the battery with a charger, you must know how to charge the battery of the camera without a charger. Whether the camera is FX or DX, it won’t help in shooting more images once the battery gets empty. This article will help you to understand many alternative possibilities of charging the camera battery without a charger.

These are the possible alternatives to charge Nikon camera without a charger:

  1. Charging with Mobile charger
  2. Charging with USB cable
  3. Charging while using another battery to charge
  4. Charging with the car battery
  5. Charging while Using DC source and resistor
  6. Charging with Power Bank
  7. Charging with Friction
  8. New camera battery or charger

1. Charging Nikon camera with Mobile Charger

While most Nikon cameras, particularly the D series, come with a Li-ion battery, it is also accompanied by an Mh-25 charger that will provide the appropriate load. In the absence of this mobile charger, a charger with an output voltage of 8.4 and a current of 0.9 will suffice.

Turbochargers are the name given to these types of chargers since they provide high voltage to a variety of devices.

2. Charging Nikon Camera with USB Cable

This can be accomplished with the help of a small battery control converter and a computer. Place the battery pack securely in its Chambers by clicking the battery lock in the arrow position. Ensure that the battery pack’s terminals are securely fastened. While the Nikon Camera is turned off, open the battery cover and connect the USB wire.

Then connect the large connection to the computer’s power adapter or USB cord. As a result, the camera now has a portable power supply. The lights turn off when the camera is fully charged. So, a USB cable can also be used to charge the Nikon camera more quickly.

3. Charging Nikon camera while using another battery to charge

Remove the camera and look for additional gadgets that need AA, +AA, AAA, or 9-volt batteries. Check the battery’s description for positive or negative connectors, then check for the ones that are compatible with your Nikon Camera and have adequate power to charge it.

Purchase a high-quality double metal cable online or from a local electrical store. Connect both batteries for a short time using the cords, and it will function correctly.

4. Charging Nikon camera with the Car battery

When your Nikon camera’s battery runs out of charge, find at least half an amp to charge it. Also, obtain a bulb that can act as a regulator.

Most automobiles have a 14-volt battery, which should be adequate to power your camera for 50 percent of the time. Purchase at least four 5 volt lights to be installed in symmetry lines to allow power to flow through them.

Please don’t leave your Nikon camera unattended when charging it using this method; it could be dangerous to you and your family. Also, avoid overcharging your camera batteries by not charging them for too long.

5. Charging Nikon camera while using DC source and resistor

Another option is to look for a good DC power source on the internet from reputable retailers. 

Check your battery voltage and Ohms’ law to determine the sort of resistor that is appropriate for power flow before proceeding.

Check online reviews and comparison sites for affordable resistor brands after you’ve identified the resistor. Deep fryers, toasters, and electric dryers are all good heat conductors.

Get bulbs to regulate the current, just like the above-mentioned automobile charger. Bulbs are great because they boost the intensity when the power is low and the filament is warm.

Additionally, use an amp as a fuse for all electrical appliances. Get a cheap multimeter to measure current during this process, and wear eye and nose protection.

6. Charging Nikon Camera with Power Bank

There is an auxiliary source of power for a camera like Nikon, just like there is for mobile phones and laptops, that you may use when you run out of power. The majority of these ‘Power banks’ may be obtained online, however, costs vary.

These Nikon power banks are likewise pocket-friendly, albeit some of the larger power banks are a little heavier. It depends on how much external power you’ll use during your journey.

You can find the exact external power bank your Nikon Camera requires from New Age, Samsung, Oriamo, and other brands.

how to charge Nikon camera with USB
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7. Charging Nikon camera with Friction

This is a difficult, time-consuming, yet effective technique for charging your Nikon camera without a charger. Friction generates heat, which then generates electricity. It isn’t a professional procedure, but it is effective.

When your Nikon camera runs out of battery power, rub the battery against your hand or a flat surface for a few seconds. This will provide enough power for your camera to turn on.

8. New camera battery or charger

When all other attempts to charge your Nikon battery fail, the only remaining alternative is to purchase a new camera battery at a reasonable price. For each model, look for Nikon Camera brands that are available.

Despite the fact that many online and offline retailers sell used Nikon batteries, you should only buy new Nikon camera batteries if you have the option. The advantages of purchasing a new camera battery are several, including the manufacturer’s warranty, affordability, and the ability to last longer. You can read buying guide to know the details of these advantages.

It’s not just the battery; you may also invest in a new Nikon camera charger. Those who purchase Nikon cameras will be pleased to learn that the majority of them come with two chargers.

Are all Nikon batteries the same?

NO in terms of performance, YES in terms of utilization. According to Nikon, all three Rechargeable Li-ion batteries are interchangeable. However, the electrical performance of later models is increased. When an old/earlier battery is used in a camera designed for a later battery, fewer photographs can be taken on a single charge.

How long does it take to charge a Nikon camera battery?

1 hour and 50 minutes. According to the Nikon, this is the ultimate time that an empty or full drained battery can take up to recharge. But if using some other medium rather than a home electric supply, the time can vary to recharge the battery due to the difference in input volts.

How long do Nikon batteries last?

Three to four hours. But, it depends on the way you use the camera. A battery lasts longer for photography than for shooting videos. Similarly, there are many other conditions such as temperature, battery health, equipment attached, and image stabilization that affects the battery timing.

Should I leave my battery in my camera?

Yes, leaving the batteries in your camera for an extended period of time is perfectly acceptable. You shouldn’t have any issues as long as the camera is completely turned off. It’s possible that the battery you’re using is the source of the problem. Even when the camera is switched off, some components consume a small percentage of the battery.

How can I make my camera battery last longer?

These 7 practices can make the camera battery last longer:

  1. Turn off image stabilization
  2. Do not delete pictures from the camera
  3. Use the inbuilt flash, only if required
  4. Dim your LCD screen’s brightness.
  5. Replace old batteries
  6. Use new batteries
  7. Avoid extreme low or high temperature

Can you charge a Nikon camera without the battery charger?

YES, the Nikon camera can be charged without a battery charger by different possible methods. These methods such as using a mobile charger or USB cable, using a power bank or car battery, and friction are the possible alternatives to charge the camera battery.

How to charge Nikon D3200 charger without charger?

Nikon D3200 has a USB port through which it can be connected to other sources. Thus, you can charge your Nikon D3200 with a USB cable connecting to a PC or computer, through a power bank, or through a mobile charger.


Many alternative possibilities for how to charge the Nikon camera without a battery charger have been discussed with proper steps to follow. You can keep in mind any one of these methods that suit perfectly your condition. The better is to be aware of all these methods so you can get the best in any situation.


Is it possible to charge a Nikon D3200 battery with a mobile charger?

YES, The Li-ion EN-EL14 battery is included with the Nikon D3200 camera. It can be recharged. The Nikon MH-24 Charger, with an output of 8.4 V and 0.9 A, is a suitable charger for this.

As a result, 8.4 V and 0.9 A are needed to recharge the batteries. In theory, a mobile charger might be utilized.

This is the output of turbochargers. Normal smartphone chargers, on the other hand, do not provide enough electricity. They are only allowed to deliver 5 volts. As a result, only turbochargers are capable of charging this battery.

Can we charge DSLR with a power bank?

YES, we can charge DSLR with a power bank. But, the timing to charge the battery goes different from the time to charge the battery at home on an electric supply. Power banks have the great advantage to be carried out anywhere easily. Therefore, a photographer must have a power bank. 

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