How to charge a Nikon Coolpix camera without the charger – 4 easy Methods

1As a content creator, you must be aware of camera battery importance. In most cases, you must know how to charge a Nikon Coolpix camera without the charger because you might run out of battery at any place and time. 

Because you’re a photographer and need to take more images, you’ll need a different means to charge the battery than plugging it into a USB port.

What are alternative ways to charge the Nikon Coolpix camera without a charger?

These are the 4 alternative ways to charge a Nikon Coolpix camera without the charger.

  • Using a USB cable
  • Friction
  • Using another battery
  • Replacing the batter

You can also try these additional unique and useful ways to charge your camera battery of any brand.

Can you charge a Nikon Coolpix camera with the USB cable?

Yes. To begin, open the camera’s battery door on the bottom and check inside for two metal battery connectors on the far end. Make sure it’s spotless and bright. If not, use a screwdriver and some cotton to clean the interior and the battery contact plate.

Close the battery door securely after inserting the battery. Make sure the camera is switched off because it will not charge if it is on.

Insert the tiny end of the USB cable into the camera’s bottom and lift the prongs on the supplied AC adapter upward. Connect the other end to a USB port on a computer or to an AC adaptor.

Check the camera’s LCD for any changes after plugging the AC adapter into a power source. A green battery will be glowing, indicating that the camera is charging.

The charge will be completed in about 3 hours, and the light will be turned off. Remove the power adapter and USB cable from the camera.

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How to charge a Nikon Coolpix camera with friction?

It’s more of a trick than an actual camera battery charger. This approach will not fully charge the battery to power the camera for an extended period of time, but it may be enough to kickstart the device for a short time.

This is an unprofessional approach to charging the camera battery but this is effective.

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How to charge a Nikon Coolpix camera by using another battery?

This is a novel approach. This needs the availability of a car battery as well as charge-transferring connectors.

Remove the batteries from the camera and connect them to the connectors. This method could allow some of the charges from the car battery to be transferred to your batteries.

How to charge a Nikon Coolpix camera by replacing the battery?

When all else fails, the only alternative is to completely replace the batteries. Batteries are unique to each Nikon camera model. The best aspect is that they come with a warranty from the manufacturer. You can discuss switching the battery for a newer one with the supplier. It will be the most effective solution. Here you will find genuine Nikon camera batteries.

This is accomplished by the use of static energy generated by friction. Remove the battery and massage it for a few seconds against your shirt. Then replace the camera’s battery, which should give you a few more minutes to take some photos.

How to Charge My Nikon COOLPIX S3100

These are the steps to charge Nikon Coolpix S3100.

Step 1

With your finger, lift the prongs on the included AC adaptor higher. To make sure the prongs are fully extended, press on the side of the prongs.

Step 2 

Connect the mini-USB end of the mini-USB to the USB cord to the mini-USB port on the bottom of the camera, then the USB end to the USB port on the AC adaptor.

Step 3

Connect the AC adaptor to a wall outlet. While the battery is charging, the charge lamp to the right of the LCD panel blinks green.

Step 4

When the charge lamp turns off, unplug the mini-USB to USB cord from the camera.

How do I charge my Nikon Coolpix a10?

If your camera came with a plug adapter, make sure it’s securely connected to the Charging AC Adapter. Attempting to forcefully remove the plug adapter after they have been attached may cause damage to the product. 

The plug adapter’s shape varies depending on the country or area the camera was purchased in. If the plug adapter is permanently connected to the Charging AC Adapter, this step can be skipped.

  •  When the battery is charged, the charge lamp glows green steadily. 
  •  The charge lamp turns off when the charging is finished. 
  •  The battery cannot be charged when the charge lamp fast flashes green, maybe due to one of the reasons listed below.
  •  The battery cannot be charged when the charge lamp quickly flashes green, possibly due to one of the reasons listed below.

How do I fix my Nikon camera battery?

How can I get rid of the “Battery Exhausted” message on my Nikon camera?

  • Check your battery settings to make sure they’re proper.
  • Replace the batteries if necessary.
  • Check to see if the batteries are fully charged.
  • In the correct order, connect the chargers.
  • Make sure your battery door cap is secure.

What do you do when your Nikon Coolpix won’t turn on?

These are the steps to follow if your Nikon Coolpix camera fails to turn on.

  • The camera will not switch on. You can’t get your camera to switch on no matter what you do.
  • Replace the batteries if necessary.
  • Connect your PC to the internet.
  • Make sure the battery port is clean.
  • The camera isn’t being recognized by the computer.
  • Remove the memory card from the computer and replace it.
  • It’s possible that the battery is dead.
  • Unplug and reconnect.

What to do when your camera won’t charge?

Make sure the camera or camcorder’s battery is properly inserted. Ascertain that the camera or camcorder is correctly connected to the PC through USB. Remove the USB cord from the computer and reconnect it safely if necessary. NOTE: Charging is not guaranteed with custom-made or modified PCs.

Additional advices: Look into the device!

When you see that their camera is not charging as it should, you may start troubleshooting the problem. Try the following approaches to see if they can help.

  • Ensure that the battery you’re using is a genuine Nikon one.
  • Check to see if electricity is coming from the PC or the main computer.
  • You can confirm that the cable is correctly placed at both ends by disconnecting and reconnecting it.
  • In the Camera Setup Menu > Charge by Computer, select the ‘On’ option.
  • Remove the memory card from the camera, charge the battery, and then replace the card.
  • Consider using a USB or new batteries to isolate the problem.

What kind of charger does Nikon Coolpix use?

Replacement SN-RIGGOR 2 Packs Nikon UC-E6 / UC-E16 / UC-E17 USB Cable Cord Lead Battery Charger – Compatible with Select Nikon Coolpix Digital Camera Models.

How to know if my camera battery is charging or not

Check the camera’s little green charge lamp (represented by a charge/flash sign).

  • The battery is charging and there is no problem if it flashes on and off.
  • Constantly on – signifies that the battery is fully charged and that there are no issues.
  • The battery is not charging if the indicator is completely off.

What is universal charger?

A universal charger is a battery charger that works with a variety of electrical devices. Specific universal chargers are usually designed to work with a single type of device, such as laptops. This charging model will be used in a lot of phones. Some more questions are here.


The low-charged camera is a typical occurrence, and if you’re a professional, you should always keep replacement batteries on hand in case of an emergency.

But fortunately, now you have a handful of knowledge on how to charge a Nikon Coolpix camera without the charger. This can be beneficial to you if you forget to take replacement batteries.

The majority of digital cameras on the market today use a standard internal battery. Even if you don’t have a charger, you can charge the camera battery in an emergency.

We hope this information was helpful in resolving your issue. Always be sure to check your camera’s battery after each photo shoot. If you’re in the market for a new best point-and-shoot camera under $300, don’t forget to stock up on extra batteries.


How do I charge my camera if I lost the charger?

The camera’s battery can be charged via a USB cable. To charge the camera, insert the provided battery. The battery may be charged with either the compact power converter or a computer. The steps for charging the bundled battery with a USB cable are outlined below.

How do you charge a Nikon coolpix waterproof camera?

Charge the battery in the camera using the provided charging AC adapter and USB connection. 3. 1 Plug in the charging AC adapter that comes with the kit. If your camera arrives with a plug adapter*, connect the plug adapter to the charging AC adapter’s plug.

How long does Nikon Coolpix take to charge?

While the battery is charging, the power-on lamp progressively glows green. The power-on lamp turns off when the charge is finished. Disconnect the USB cable and unplug the Charging AC Adapter from the outlet. A completely charged battery takes roughly 2 hours and 20 minutes to charge.