How to restore or reset a Canon camera default settings? 3 easy methods

In order to stick with changes, you must know how to restore or reset a canon camera default settings safely and easily. The reason is, that content creators change camera settings as required due to the nature of the shoot. So, rather than just fixing every option, it’s easy to safely and easily reset a Canon camera.

This can be done in easy steps and in multiple ways that are discussed here. The best way to reset a Canon camera is also pointed out for the sake of convenience. 

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Difference between reset and restore

Understanding restoring and resetting camera default settings is critical, but here it is described in very simple words.

What is restoring camera default settings?

When you restore a camera to factory settings, all of the data on it is erased. This could include any photos, movies, or other anything else you’ve stored on your device.

What is resetting the camera’s default settings?

Resetting a Canon camera simply entails erasing the username and password you’ve created on the device. It won’t lose any of your saved material, but it will wipe out any usernames or passwords that are currently stored on your device.

How to restore Canon camera default settings?

This is the procedure for the camera reset to factory/default settings:

1.  Turn the camera < ON > and press the <  Menu > button.

 how to reset a canon powershot camera

2.  Press the < Q > button and then select [ 🔧 ] tab.

how to reset canon camera back to factory settings

3.  Under the [ 🔧 ] tab, go-to list of number 5

How to reset a canon powershot camera

4.  Now select [ Clear all camera settings ] and then press < SET >

how to reset canon rebel t6i to factory settings

5.  Now select [ OK ].

reset canon 5d mark iv to factory settings

How to reset Canon camera default setting?

There are 3 methods to reset a camera’s default settings.

Things to be careful about during camera reset:

You must be careful about these things during your camera default reset:

  1. While resetting the camera, do not turn it off.
  1. After completing a reset, the camera may display a blank screen for about 10 seconds. This is a routine operation and not a camera failure.

Method 1

1) Make sure the power is turned off.

2) Turn on the camera while pressing the “Menu” button, then use the directional buttons to navigate to “Settings.”

3) Using the directional buttons, select “Clear Settings,” then hit “OK.”

Method 2

In some cameras, there is a reset button on their rare. If you press and hold that button for around 10 seconds, your camera’s settings will be reset to factory defaults.

Method 3

Remove the CF card at first, and turn the camera off. Now hold down both the shutter and menu buttons while turning the camera on again. Canon cameras can be reset to their factory default settings.

Steps to reset or initialize a camera by shutter button and menu button

1) Take the CF card out of the camera.

2) Turn the camera off.

3) While turning on the camera again, hold down both the Shutter and a Menu button.

Turn on your PowerShot camera, and press the “Menu” button to see the menu on the screen. Then, use the arrow keys on the camera. Press the button that shows a wrench and hammer icon to open the “Tools” tab. This will show a “Tools” menu on the screen.

Next, use the arrow keys again to find “Reset All” in the menu.

Click on “Reset All” in the menu. You’ll see a message asking if you want to reset the settings to their original state. Use the arrow keys to find “OK,” and press the button to confirm. This will reset your camera to its original settings.

What are Camera Default Settings? And Default settings chart

The camera default settings are the settings adjusted by the camera brand for auto mode and are suitable for most types of shootings. The settings are already adjusted when the brand-new camera is switched on. The user can make changes in the settings of a camera by using manual mode.

The Reset Default or Camera Settings feature only returns the camera’s shooting settings to their original state.

After having to know how to restore or reset a Canon EOS, DSLR, R, digital, and Powershot camera default settings to factory settings, let’s grab more information. 

Camera default settings chart after the restore

Camera default/factory settings after the reset can be observed in these sections:

  • Shooting Function Settings
  • Image record settings
  • Camera settings
  • Live-view shooting settings
  • Movie shooting settings

What are the shooting function settings of a Canon camera after restore?

The camera default settings after reset are shown below:

                                                Shooting Function Settings
AF operationOne-Shot AFInterval timerDisable
AF area selection modeAutomatic selection AFBulb timerDisable
Lens electronic MFDisable after One-Shot AFAnti-flicker shootingDisable
Metering mode (Evaluative metering)Mirror lockupDisable
ISO speed settingsViewfinder display
 ISO speedAuto Electronic levelHide
 ISO speed rangeMinimum: 100Maximum: 40000 Grid displayHide
 Auto rangeMinimum: 100Maximum: 12800 Show/hide in the viewfinderOnly flicker detection selected
 Minimum shutter speed for autoAutoCustom FunctionsUnchanged
Drive mode (Single shooting)External Speedlite control
Exposure compensation/AEBCanceled Flash firingEnable
Flash exposure compensationCanceled E-TTL II flash meteringEvaluative flash metering
Multiple exposuresDisable Flash sync. speed in Av modeAuto
HDR modeDisable HDR

What are the default Image record settings of a canon camera after the restore?

These are the default image record settings of a Canon camera:

                                                      Image Recording Settings
Image qualityCustom White BalanceCanceled
Aspect ratio3:2White balance shiftCanceled
Picture StyleAutoWB-BKTCanceled
Auto Lighting OptimizerStandardColor spacesRGB
Lens aberration correctionLong Exposure Noise ReductionDisable
 Peripheral illumination correctionEnableHigh ISO speed noise reductionStandard
 Chromatic aberration correctionEnableHighlight tone priorityDisable
 Distortion correctionDisableFile numberingContinuous
 Diffraction correctionEnableDust Delete DataErased
White balance (Ambience priority)

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What are the default camera function settings of a Canon camera after the restore?

These are the default camera function settings after the restore:

                                                  Camera Settings
Image review time2 sec.LanguageUnchanged
Release shutter without cardEnableGPSDisable
Image jump w/(10 images)Video systemUnchanged
Highlight alertDisableShooting mode guideEnable
AF point displayDisableFeature guideEnable
Playback gridOffHelp text sizeSmall
Histogram displayBrightnessTouch controlStandard
Magnification (Approx.)2x (magnify from center)BeepEnable
Control over HDMIDisableAuto-cleaningEnable
Vertical image auto-rotationOn button display optionsSelect both
Wireless communication settings button LV display optionsUnchanged
 Wi-FiDisableMulti-function to lock (Quick Control Dial)
 Bluetooth functionDisableCustom shooting modeUnchanged
Auto power off1 min.Copyright informationUnchanged
LCD brightnessConfigure: MY MENUUnchanged
LCD off/on btnRemains on Menu displayNormal display

What are the live-view shooting settings of a Canon camera after restore?

These are the live-view shooting settings of the camera after restore.

Live View Shooting Settings
Live View shootingEnableMetering timer8 sec.
AF operationOne-Shot AFGrid displayHide
AF method+TrackingExposure simulationEnable
Touch ShutterDisableSilent LV shootingMode 1

What are the movie shooting settings of a canon camera after restore?

These are the movie shooting settings of a camera after restore.

                                                Movie Shooting Settings
Movie recording sizeNTSC: PAL: Movie Servo AFEnable
Sound recordingAutoAF method+Tracking
 Wind filterAutoMovie Servo AF track sensitivity0
 AttenuatorDisableMovie Servo AF Speed
ISO speed settings When activeAlways on
 ISO speedAuto AF speed0 (Standard)
 ISO speed rangeMinimum: 100Maximum: 25600Metering timer8 sec.
 ISO AutoMaximum 25600Grid displayHide
 ISO AutoMaximum 12800 button function/-
Video snapshotDisable
Time-lapse movieDisable
Movie digital ISDisable
Remote control shootingDisable

Difference between Reset Default and Factory Reset or Initialize?

The difference is a bit critical to understand but these lines are greatly helpful.

What are reset default or camera settings?

The Reset Default or Camera Settings feature only returns the camera’s shooting settings to their original state. Furthermore, the Factory Reset or Initialize function erases data stored in the camera, including registered faces, registered AF micro-adjustments, file numbers, and downloaded programs.

What is the factory reset or initialization for a camera?

All of the settings that the Reset Default or Camera Settings function resets, as well as additional functions like Date or Time Setup and Wi-Fi® settings, are reset when you use the Factory Reset or Initialize function.

Thus, the factory reset of cameras is different from the default reset.

These detailed yet concise lines have made a clear-cut difference between these terms. Now as to your requirement, you can perform anyone.

Reasons to reset a Canon DSLR camera and how to recover data after reset?

These are the reasons why you have to reset a Canon DSLR camera:

  1. We occasionally experience software glitches that result in a factory reset.
  1. We can get lost in the jungle of alternatives if we experiment a lot. It also requires a factory reset, which is most common among new students. This is not a problem that professionals encounter.
  1. It may display various issues, such as a problem with our computer or smartphone, which requires a factory reset to resolve.

After discussing how to restore or reset a Canon camera default settings briefly, now we’ll cover other useful information.

 how to reset canon rebel t7i to factory settings
Samsun memory via

How to recover lost photos or videos after a Canon camera reset?

Data recovery software is required to recover lost files from a Canon camera that has been reset to factory settings. The software recovers files from the camera by techniques. Some software is available for free while others do this task by getting paid.

It’s quite interesting to see the data getting recovered, as it seems impossible to get back deleted files. Well, there is a difference between deleting and formatting.

iBeesoft data recovery software is the type of solution you’ll need to get your important photos, videos, or other files back from your Canon camera quickly and efficiently.

The software comes with a free edition that allows you to test its functionality without spending any money. You can purchase the software on Windows or Mac if you enjoy it.

How do I restart my Canon camera?

Follow these steps to restart your Canon camera:

  1. Remove the batteries and turn the camera’s power switch to OFF.
  1. Make sure the SD memory card is securely seated in the card slot by opening the Memory card slot cover.
  1. Place the batteries in the power switch and turn it on.
  1. Remove the batteries and turn the camera’s power switch to OFF.


This discussion has made it clear how to restore or reset a canon camera default settings safely and easily. You can achieve your goal by using buttons or through the screen. Their methods and precautions are in detail.

Two methods have been discussed to reset a Canon camera wifi pasw\sword, both by control screen.

Most importantly, the chart of camera settings after the restoration is shared to give rise to your level of information.


What does reboot camera mean?

To put it another way, rebooting or restarting anything involves cycling the power status. The device does not receive electricity when you switch it off. It is getting power when it is turned back on.

How do I reset my Canon camera lens error?

I suggest that you execute a “hard reset” on your camera. To do so, remove the camera’s battery pack and close the battery compartment. Now hold the power button down for 5 seconds before releasing it. Turn the camera on after replacing the fully charged battery pack.

What is the difference between reboot and reset a camera?

Rebooting or restarting your camera has no effect, however, pressing the reset button will make changes to your camera. The term “reset” refers to the process of wiping and restoring data. Resetting a computer means returning it to the state it was in when it was initially purchased.

Does resetting the camera delete everything?

YES. When you reset the camera, it will erase all your personalized settings and get rid of any files you’ve added. To finish resetting, the camera will automatically shut off and then turn back on.

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