Canon Camera Crossword Clue – Best Answer

Canon camera crossword clue of the puzzle is the topic here today. Puzzles are a great way to engage your brain, kill time, and push yourself all at the same time. Of course, there are occasions when the crossword clue completely baffles us, whether it’s because we’re unfamiliar with the topic or just because we’re blank. If you want assistance, we have all of the possible answers for the Canon camera brand NYT crossword clue.

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The answer to the Canon camera crossword clue is given below. This crossword clue was last posted on New York Times Crossword Answers on August 22nd, 2021.


Canon Camera


EOS ( 3 letters )

On August 22, 2021, the crossword clue Canon camera with three letters was last seen. We believe “ EOS “ is the most likely solution to this puzzle.

Anagrams of EOS?


What is EOS?

(Greek mythology) the winged goddess of the dawn; daughter of Hyperion; associated with Roman Aurora


“In myth, a four-horse chariot driver”

“Homer’s goddess of rosy-fingered fingers”

“Her tears, according to legend, were responsible for the morning dew.”

The camera made by Canon

The Titans’ Daughter

Goddess of the Dawn

The morning goddess, who opened heaven’s gates for the sun to rise, is frequently shown with rosy fingertips.

A camera line is named after the goddess of dawn.

In the American Geophysical Union’s online weekly magazine

Kim Kardashian’s rosy-fingered goddess who rises in the east endorses an organic lip and body care firm.

The setting for the action role-playing game “Final Fantasy XV”

Some Information about EOS

The answer to the Canon camera Crossword puzzle is EOS. Let’s grab some information about the word EOS.

Eos (minor-planet designation: 221 Eos) is a massive main-belt asteroid discovered on January 18, 1882, near Vienna by Austrian astronomer Johann Palisa. It was named after Eos, the Greek goddess of dawn, in 1884 to commemorate the opening of a new observatory that was intended to usher in a new era in Viennese astronomy.

With a semimajor axis of 3.01 AU, a period of 5.22 years, and an eccentricity of 0.1, the asteroid orbits the Sun with a semimajor axis of 3.01 AU, a period of 5.22 years, and an eccentricity of 0.1. The orbital plane is inclined 10.9 degrees to the ecliptic plane. It has a mean cross-section of 104 kilometers and rotates at a rate of 10.4 hours.

This object is classed as a K-type asteroid based on its spectral features. It is a member of the Eos asteroid family, which is named after it, based on its orbital features. The asteroid’s spectral attributes imply it came from a partly differentiated parent body.

Canon Camera brand-related crossword clue and Answer

                      Clue Answer
Canon Camer CompetitorNIKON
Canon debut of ‘59SLR
Canon, nurse, butchers, presentersANNOUNCERS
Camera roll’s tabletIPAD
Mug for the cameraSTRIKEAPOSE
Camera SupportTRIPOD
Photo__ ( camera sessions )OPS
Camera coverLENS CAP
Camera or eye partIRIS
Classic Camera brandKODAK
Camera creator LandEDWIN
Sort of cameraPINHOLE

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